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Sunday, 2019-06-16, 1:50 AM
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"Can i join?"
"How to join?"
"Tell me how?"
Just go to the forum i created.
If you LOGGED IN then you re in.
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10:33 AM
Left 4 Dead clan is a clan for cs2d.
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10:34 AM
Counter Strike 2 Demensional
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10:40 AM
I use editor, but sometimes i got bored i will listen music.
anyway, i can create a maps with 50 seconds!
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10:36 AM
I mean, you don't need to always change your tag, if you like your original tag, then don't change.
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10:37 AM
It was ucoz template problem, ignore it, i don't have a way to avoid it.
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10:39 AM